NMF.Earth Offers Mobile App for Tracking Your Carbon Footprint


Understanding our overall carbon footprint, and adjusting our behaviors to better serve the planet is paramount. While there are carbon footprint calculators on the Internet, there’s no real seamless way for quantifying our overall impact without the need to manually populate these calculators with your behavioral data.

This is where NMF.Earth comes into play. This new mobile app for iOS and Android taps into your mobile phone’s data, based on your normal behaviors. For example, the app will tell you your carbon impact based on your travels via automobiles and other public transportation.

It also offers a sustainable guide to help users transition to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, along with digital detox advice, and vegetarian recipes.

App creator Pierre Bresson chose to use a .Earth domain because it helps users understand what the app offers as soon as they visit the NMF.Earth. He even changed the name of the app from “NMF” to “NMF Earth” when he secured the domain.

“When I saw that NMF.Earth was available, I immediately secured it and changed the name of the project,” said Pierre. “I believe the .Earth domain gives our potential users an idea of what we do, even before they reach the website. I was also able to secure the NMF.Earth domain early.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • A high-level overview of the NMF.Earth app. (:40)
  • How the NMF.Earth app works. (2:28)
  • Why Pierre chose to use a .Earth domain name. (4:29)
  • How Pierre was able to secure a three-letter domain on .Earth. (5:15)
  • What the future holds for NMF.Earth. (5:40)

To learn more about NMF.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are creating new innovations for carbon tracking, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.



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