PODCAST: Eight-Year-Old Girl Gives Us Hope On Earth Day 2019


We often ask ourselves what kind of planet are we leaving to our children, as they are the ones that will be inheriting the many problems humans have created for the environment.

Fortunately, children are much more aware than adults when it comes to saving our planet. With that in mind, we revisited one of our favorite kids, Simone, who has been talking to us for several years now on Earth Day.

This year’s Earth Day theme is “Protect the Species,” and once again, Simone shows us that the youngest are often the smartest.

She discussed the importance of bees because, “without bees, we would be without many of the vegetables we eat today.” She is correct. Bees pollinate 1/3 of the crops we eat. Sadly, due to factors such as certain weed killers, the bee population has been diminishing.

In addition, Simone reminded us that if we go the beach this summer, pick up any trash you see on the beach and throw it away. Every little thing counts. As Simone says, “we only have one planet.”

We would like to applaud children like Simone for their commitment to saving our planet. With Earth Day 2019 upon us, we urge everyone to take Simone’s inspiration to heart and register for a .Earth domain name.

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