WisdomKeepers.Earth Reignites Ancient Ways at Music Festivals


In today’s modern, technology-driven society, many people are seeking wisdom and insights from elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities. One of the key ways to share this wisdom is at festivals where people gather in their own spiritual ways to embrace the profound impact of music.

By partnering with the producers of some of the world’s largest festivals, WisdomKeepers.Earth brings this vision to life by providing a platform for these spiritual leaders to collectively bring about  a more conscious, peaceful and sustainable world.

The concept of Earth plays also heavily into the organization’s mission.

“I really appreciate the work you are doing around the .Earth moniker,” said Jeff. “We are absolutely and completely intertwined with nature. The divisions in the modern world between self and nature are absolutely artificial. We exchange all of the atoms and molecules with nature on a fairly regular basis. The reminder that we are all deeply part of the web of life is critical right now.”

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • More about Jeff’s background as a visionary in supporting the Wisdom Keepers’ mission. (1:19)
  • Why people are seeking out wisdom in today’s industrialized society. (2:10).
  • More about Wisdom Keeper’s events and programs at music festivals. (4:40)
  • The overall response of festival goers at the events that Wisdom Keepers hosts. (7:42)
  • The future vision for Wisdom Keepers. (9:19)
  • How the concept of Earth plays into Wisdom Keepers’ mission and vision. (10:59)
  • Why we need to change how we think about activism to help support the future of humanity and our planet. (12:54).

To learn more about WisdomKeepers.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are launching a specialized organization that focuses on spirituality and healing, and would like to launch your website using a .Earth domain name, please click here.



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