CommonGood.Earth Enhances Economic Democracy


Imagine a world where communities can gather locally and decide their funding priorities to bring the concept of economic democracy to life – where funding can go towards sustainable agriculture, local self-reliance, healthy food and much more.

This is the vision behind CommonGood.Earth, a nonprofit based in Massachusetts, which designs and establishes a framework for a new economy by integrating a fast-growing mutual credit system with traditional bank accounts. This allows a shift of power from big business and government back to communities, where there is more of a focus on local wellbeing.

Founded in 2014, Common Good uses a .Earth domain to help convey its rebranding that best embodies its vision of empowering local investment into communities and beyond.

“As we aim to create a transparent economic system, there is a deep recognition of the fact that every purchase has an effect at every level,” said Ivan. “Choosing the .Earth domain was a great way for us to convey this common connectedness.”

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • More about Common Good’s history, vision, and mission. (:44)
  • Examples of Common Good in action. (3:18)
  • Future plans for Common Good. (6:22)
  • Why Common Good chose to use a .Earth domain name. (9:17)
  • How the Common Good system has been designed to minimize risk for users of this payment system. (11:17)

To learn more about CommonGood.Earth, please click here.  In addition, if you are launching an organization that enhances economic equality, and would like to launch your website using a .Earth domain name, please click here.


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