Raul Altosaar, Creator of Raul.Earth, Discusses His Visionary Musical Interfaces


Some of the most cutting-edge and artistic visionaries are embracing the latest innovations to bring musical performances to the next level. Artist and researcher Raul Altosaar is one of those multi-media artists who is breaking down the barriers of music and science in truly unique ways.

Using virtual reality technology, sensors, and code, Raul has created his Very Real Looper, a large, non-visual virtual reality instrument controlled using gesture and bodily movement. Check out the Very Real Looper in action below.

Live, 2019 from Raul Altosaar on Vimeo.

Through his Raul.Earth website, he also showcases other projects such as his Liquefied Realities, a computer vision techniques that creates a virtual reality environment that is more connected and aligned to our perception of the physical world.

Raul grew up close to nature and believes that the .Earth domain helps him to convey the connections of our planet through his work.

“.Earth really spoke to me because being in nature when I was growing up was very important to me,” said Raul. “It was a natural fit for me, and speaks to why I am making art.”

Following are highlights from this interview:

  • More about Raul’s background as an artist and researcher. (1:00)
  • Insights into his Very Real Looper virtual reality instrument. (2:25)
  • Where Raul has performed and showcased his Very Real Looper virtual reality instrument. (4:22)
  • More about his other projects like Liquefied Realities. (5:05)
  • Why Raul chose to use a .Earth domain name. (6:38)
  • What the future holds for Raul and his work. (7:51)

To learn more about Raul.Earth, please click here.  In addition, if you are a performance artist, and would like to launch your website using a .Earth domain name, please click here.



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