Catalog.Earth: Preserving the Planet’s Endangered Landscapes with 360-Degree Video


It’s no secret that our planet is at a very dangerous tipping point. As a result of urbanization, deforestation, tourism, war, and climate change, many of the most precious landscapes are facing extinction.

Unfortunately, many of these landscapes will only be remembered in still photography and satellite images. Thankfully, one organization wants to change all of this by preserving the world’s most endangered landscapes in 360-degree video.

Catalog.Earth aims to allow future generations to study and appreciate these landscapes by cataloging them for journalistic, educational, research and virtual storytelling capabilities.

Currently, the organization is at the tail end of its Kickstarter campaign. As of the publish time of this blog post, Catalog.Earth is only $700 shy of making its $12,000 goal – with a deadline of April 13th at 2 p.m. EDT.

The funding will help the organization’s initial expedition to capture 360-degree footage of Alaska’s Columbia Glacier before it’s too late. From there, Catalog.Earth plans on documenting many other special and endangered global locations.

The Voices.Earth blog is urging all of its readers to help Catalog.Earth realize its mission. Click here to donate today to the organization’s Kickstarter campaign.


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