Climate Change Negatively Impacting Our Mental Health


.Earth Web Domain Users Addressing Climate Anxiety

A new study shows that climate anxiety is taking hold on every continent of our planet – especially among younger people.

In a survey of 10,000 university students in 32 countries by researchers at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, almost 50 percent said they were “very” or “extremely” worried about climate change. Nearly a quarter felt “terrified,” and even more felt either “very” or “extremely” anxious.

Another study found that extreme heat waves, wildfires, floods, and food insecurity are all having a negative impact on our mental health. Climate change is also causing many people to re-think having children, which could have a long-term impact on our global population.

In other words, climate anxiety is real and it’s here to stay. Fortunately, there are a number of .Earth web domain users who have been addressing this issue for some time now. Here are some examples:

  • CarbonCulture.Earth: This organization works with climate-aligned individuals to transform the psychological stress of climate emergency into emotional resiliency and authentic belonging. Learn more here.
  • CallYourMother.Earth: This website serves as an open space to share your feelings about the climate crisis – anger, fear, grief, urgency, hope, motivation – and connect with others who feel the same. Learn more here.
  • AECollective.Earth: This organization launched a Kickstarter campaign to help create a ‘clinic’ for eco-anxiety, where backers receive varying levels of ‘treatment’ according to their donation amount. Learn more here. 
  • BeTheFuture.Earth: This organization hosted a podcast with Megan Kennedy-Woodard, titled, “How To Turn The Tide On Climate Anxiety.” Listen to the podcast here.

With climate change impacting nearly every aspect of our daily lives, it is clear that we need more solutions for addressing our collective climate anxiety.

Now’s the time to embrace the .Earth web domain and help with this mental crisis – whether it’s for remote talk therapy sessions, homeopathic treatments or new anxiety medications.

To learn more about the .Earth domain, visit Voices.Earth. In addition, many organizations and individuals are sharing their voices about the benefits of a .Earth domain in our Voices.Earth podcast series.




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