Top Seven Voices.Earth Podcasts Over the Past Seven Years


We are spotlighting the most popular Voices.Earth podcast interviews in honor of the 7th anniversary of the .Earth web domain launch.

When the .Earth web domain launched in November 2015, we knew that this special domain would attract a wide-range of users with very unique stories to share.

This is why the Voices.Earth podcast series became the foundation for spotlighting how the .Earth web domain “tribe” uses the domain for the betterment of life for all on our planet.

In honor of the 7th anniversary of .Earth, we are embarking on a content series that showcases all Earth-related things around the number seven. For this installment, here are the top seven most popular Voices.Earth podcasts:

  • 7) Blueturn.Earth Creating a Profound Change in How Humans View Earth: Michael Boccara, co-founder and Chief Machinist, and Jean-Pierre Goux, Chief Dreamer of Blueturn.Earth, discussed how viewing Earth from outer space can transform how humans perceive and interact with our planet and its precious resources. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • 6) Greater.Earth Changing Our Perception of the Cosmic Dimensions of the World: Arthur Woods, the resident artist of Greater.Earth, discussed a new perception that is based on Earth’s true cosmic dimensions to catalyze an optimistic path to a sustainable and prosperous future. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • 5) Spectator.Earth Platform Democratizes Satellite Imagery: Waldemar Franczak, the founder of Spectator.Earth, discussed how his company is making access to Earth observation and satellite data easier for professionals and consumers. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • 4) 2050.Earth Predicts the Future of Our Planet: Jeff Esposito, Global Head of Regional Social Media at Kaspersky, discussed 2050.Earth, a dynamic website about the future of our planet as seen through the eyes of futurologists, scientists, and Internet users from all corners of the globe. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • 3) SpaceBuzz.Earth Helps Children to Experience the “Overview Effect:” Janine Geijsen, Director at SpaceBuzz.Earth, discussed how her organization aims to have all children experience the “Overview Effect” to ultimately make them ambassadors of Earth. Listen to the full podcast here.
  • 2) Roaring.Earth Provides Unique and Thought-Provoking Images and Stories About the Natural World: Jan Renner, the founder of Roaring.Earth, discussed how his online media outlet is pioneering the way people consume and share thought-provoking images and stories about the natural world, and much more. Listen to the full podcast here. In addition, read about the successes that Roaring.Earth has achieved using the .Earth domain here.
  • 1) EyesOn.Earth Inspiring a New Generation of Environmental Photographers: James Richardson and Dennis Dimick, who are co-founders of EyesOn.Earth, discussed their effort to inspire the next generation of environmental photographers. Listen to the full podcast here.

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