.Earth Domain Users Find Innovative Ways to Honor Earth Day 2022


As part of our ongoing Earth Day 2022 celebration, we want to shine a light on several .Earth domain users who are honoring this year’s theme to “Invest In Our Planet” with various activities in and around the big day.

These organizations truly operate as if Earth Day was every day, and are going the extra mile to “invest in our planet” by supporting natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking. They include:

  • Giki.Earth: This organization builds digital products that make it very easy for anyone to take simple steps to significantly reduce their carbon footprints. To celebrate Earth Day 2022, they are asking everyone on April 22nd to share their favorite carbon-cutting step using the hashtag #ThinkCarbon and join the national campaign #EarthDay2022. In addition, be sure to listen to our Voices.Earth podcast interview with Jo Hand, the Co-Founder at Giki.Earth, here.
  • OurPlaceinSpace.Earth: Centered around an epic scale model of the solar system, the organization boasts a three-dimensional sculpture trail, interactive AR app and exciting learning and events program. To honor Earth Day 2022, they are asking people to join them for an exclusive conversation that brings together the different perspectives of artist Oliver Jeffers, astrophysicist Professor Stephen Smartt and space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock to celebrate our amazing home planet and its place in the universe.
  • BeforeItsTooLate.Earth: Founded out of MIT, this nonprofit arts organization’s mission is to educate and inspire people to build a more sustainable world together before it’s too late. The organization is honoring Earth Day 2022 with a one-week Earth challenge to practice sustainability and fight climate change. Each day of the week will tackle a different action such as Water Wednesday and Trashy Thursday.
  • Vikela.Earth: The vision behind this innovative organization is to generate heightened awareness regarding the challenges facing Earth’s resources and wildlife by empowering individuals, creating job opportunities and striving for sustainable solutions. For Earth Day 2022, the organization will host a panel of speakers on April 20th who will share their perspective on the future of our planet by exploring real-life case studies and projects from communities across the world.

We encourage everyone to take part in Earth Day 2022, and spread the message of urgency and action to others. To help do this, stay tuned for our annual .Earth domain Earth Day promotion, which will focus on helping businesses to better “invest in our planet.” In the meantime, please click here to secure a .Earth domain right now to also support your Earth Day 2022 activities.





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