.Earth Domain Users Keep the Spirit of Earth Day Alive


For many .Earth domain name users, Earth Day is everyday. With the recent news that one million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, this philosophical approach is now more vital than ever.

Earth Day 2019 received massive media coverage – in part due to the efforts of Rebellion.Earth. It seems that we are finally at a tipping point where human beings are ready to adjust their behavior to help save the future of our planet.

Many other .Earth domain name users are also keeping the spirit of Earth Day alive well past April 22nd. Here are some examples:

  • Unify.Earth: With the goal of humanizing the blockchain and eradicating the current problems present in the economy, Unify Earth is offering a number of e-books, and the ability to donate UEX coins to its nonprofit partners for Earth Day 2019.
  • BioTree.Earth: Providers of environmentally friendly burial urns that are helping to reshape how we view death, BioTree.Earth is offering these top ten tips for making our planet a better place. Be sure to listen to our Voices.Earth podcast interview with Chris Cillier, Co-Founder of BioTree.Earth, here.
  • AFCA.Earth: This a collective of multigenerational artists who have come together to raise funds for local environmental groups by hosting its “Artists for Climate Action” gala and art show for Earth Day 2019.
  • PlanA.Earth: As the first data-driven crowd-funding platform in the fight against climate change, Plan A offered this illuminating perspective on the impact humans are having on our planet for Earth Day 2019.
  • Cervest.Earth: Offering actionable risk intelligence with AI for smarter and sustainable supply-chain and crop development decisions, Cervest has this perspective about why Earth Day should be everyday.
  • Beforeitstoolate.Earth: Using murals and augmented reality to make environmental problems more visible to spark action, Before It’s Too Late is asking people to take this seven-day challenge for Mother Earth.
  • Wink.Earth: A Wink to Earth is a young community using their phones, tablets and cameras to learn, record and communicate their findings on the environment to a global audience. This special organization is offering this series of inspiring Earth Day-related videos.

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