“Leading Voices” Greatest Hits: Hear Directly From the Top .Earth Domain Users


As the .Earth domain name continues to gain momentum in the marketplace, Voice.Earth embarked on a content marketing campaign called “Leading Voices.” This effort has allowed us to gain insights directly from a wide-range of organizations that are fully embracing the use of a .Earth domain name.

And, what we learned from these interviews is far more interesting than expected. However, don’t take our word for it – check out these direct quotes and podcast interviews from our .Earth domain “leading voices.”

  • Roaring.Earth: Jan Renner, the founder of Roaring.Earth, discusses how his online media outlet is pioneering the way people consume and share thought-provoking images and stories about the natural world, and much more.

“When we found out that we could get Roaring.Earth as a domain name, we were very inspired,” said Renner. “As a branding exercise, there’s a lot we can do and build around this domain name. The Earth is our domain overall, and it goes well beyond a .com domain name, and we are really excited about leveraging it.”

  • VOPO.Earth: Charlotte Rose Mellis, the founder of Vox Populi (VOPO.Earth), discusses her sustainable design agency that addresses some of the most pressing challenges from a social enterprise perspective.

“We love it! We were so happy to use .Earth, and we think it’s awesome,” said Mellis. “Coming from a passion for branding, I wanted something unique and wasn’t just the norm. The way we run VOPO is all about Mother Nature and the Earth – it represents us amazingly.”

  • Dashboard.Earth: Stephen Marshall, a Co-Director of Dashboard.Earth, discusses his new platform that makes collectively changing the climate both socially and financially rewarding for everyone.

We were surprised when we saw that the domain was open – we were thrilled” said Marshall. “It’s a beautiful thing for us to have Dashboard.Earth as our website, because it says it all.”

  • Surface.Earth: Omar Yaqub, Najib Jutt, and Matthew Simard, founders of Surface.Earth, discuss how their organization is leading the way in developing sustainable energy solutions.

“We decided that the ‘surface’ name best describes where we all live, and the environment overall,” said Najib Jutt. “In addition, we did not want to compete with the Microsoft Surface brand. We came across the .Earth top level domain, and thought it was a great tool to help make us unique.”

  • FORGOOD.Earth: Paul Blavin, the founder of FORGOOD.Earth, discusses how his Emmy-winning, Academy Award and Grammy-nominated impact production company is committed to harnessing the power of exceptional art to inspire hope, compel action and ignite lasting impact for good.

“We are doing this project to help make a difference in the world, and of course we want to do it all over the Earth,” said Blavin. “Our belief is that we are all one, and we want to bring people together.”

  • EmpowerProject.Earth: Gideon Fung, Founder of the Empower Project, discusses his vision for transforming e-commerce for social good, as well as why he chose to use a .Earth domain name for his organization.

“The .Earth domain is a great way to show where your allegiances as an organization lay,” said Fung. “For us, this is very much devoted to our home planet, Earth. The purchase choices of our consumers not only impact the artisans and their communities, but also actually helps the planet.”

  • Access.Earth: Matt McCann, CEO and Founder of Access.Earth discusses his vision for making travel easier for people with disabilities, why he chose a .Earth domain extension, and much more. 

“It makes us unique,” said McCann. “Since we have Earth in our name and we thought .Earth would make a perfect fit. It makes us stand out … and it is a great opportunity for us. It’s a great talking point, as well.” 

  • GreenCityLiving.Earth: Kathy Rohret, the founder of GreenCityLiving.Earth, discusses her pioneering vision of having everyone move away from using plastic baggies, and other paper products.

“I was really excited to see .Earth as an option,” said Rohret. “It perfectly represents our business, and it helps to clarify what we are all about – especially since ‘green’ branding tends to lean more towards marijuana.”

Is your organization using a .Earth domain and would like to participate in our “leading voices” campaign? Please email us here. Or to secure your very own .Earth domain name, please click here.


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