Dashboard.Earth to Help Regenerate Our Planet and Environment


We live in a regenerative world, where the Earth has the capability to heal and overcome human-made problems over time. However, our capitalist system is designed to work against the health of the overall environment – making environmental regeneration nearly impossible. As such, we need a massive paradigm shift to change things for the better.

This is where Dashboard.Earth comes into play. Launching in the fall of 2017, the new platform will transform a limitless number of climate-enhancing solutions into incremental, personalized actions that are socially and financially rewarding. This game-driven application will allow cities to become digital game-boards with a sustainability compass that guides citizens towards actions that regenerate the Earth.

In addition, Stephen and his team decided to use a .Earth domain to help reinforce the overall brand behind this effort.

“We were surprised when we saw that the domain was open and we were thrilled” said Marshall. “It’s a beautiful thing for us to have Dashboard.Earth as our website, because it says it all.”

Here are some additional key highlights from the podcast:

  • Insights about the new Dashboard.Earth platform. (:30)
  • How the new mobile app will provide a ‘world game’ that will ultimately help Earth heal and sustain itself. (1:43)
  • Why Stephen and his team decided to use a .Earth domain. (3:50).
  • What the future holds for Dashboard.Earth. (4:47).

To learn more about Dashboard.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are launching a new mobile application that also aims to transform our planet, please click here to secure your own .Earth domain name.


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