Surface.Earth Changing World Through Sustainable Energy Development


Despite political differences about man-made climate change, it’s obvious that we need new path forward when it comes to energy consumption. Fortunately, we are experiencing a new era where sustainable and renewable energy solutions are coming to fruition and homes, businesses and communities can all be powered by green solutions.

Surface.Earth is an organization that is blazing a trail in the sustainable energy arena. By bringing together the best minds and talent, the organization is leading in sustainable energy consulting, utility-scale development, and energy efficiency consulting.

To help differentiate themselves, and avoid any brand confusion when it comes to Microsoft Surface tablets and laptops, the founders of Surface.Earth embraced the use of a .Earth domain.

“We decided that the ‘surface’ name best describes where we all live, and the environment overall,” said Najib Jutt. “In addition, we did not want to compete with the Microsoft Surface brand. We came across the .Earth top level domain, and thought it was a great tool to help make us unique.”

  • Insights into the mission and vision behind Surface.Earth. (:34)
  • Why the development of sustainable energy solutions is vital today. (5:30).
  • Why the team decided to use a .Earth domain name. (9:49)
  • What the future holds for Surface.Earth. (13:13)

To learn more about Surface.Earth, please click here. If your company is in the alternative energy arena, and you want to take a page from Surface.Earth’s efforts, please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain name.


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