Why CleanTech Start-Ups Need a .Earth Domain


Even in the face of rising inflation, the Clean Technology (CleanTech) sector is poised for significant growth, and many leading VC funds and incubators are jumping on the bandwagon – rightly so.

From an overall market perspective, the CleanTech market is poised to reach $423.7 Billion by 2026. Government, institutional and citizen demand for better, cleaner and more efficient technology that supports global sustainability is driving much of this prospective growth.

In 2021, U.S. startups in the space raised a total of $39.2 billion across 605 venture deals, according to ClimateTech VC. Energy storage, electric vehicles, hydrogen solutions and carbon capture are crucial areas that will continue to have momentum in 2022, according to Investing News.

For example, Kiko Ventures recently announced that it has created a $450 million venture capital fund focused on CleanTech investments. The VC firm has actually spent decades investing in climate tech and backed world-leading businesses including Ceres Power, First Light Fusion and Oxbotica.

It is obvious that CleanTech could be a strong answer for how we re-think capitalism in a way that sustains life on our planet. This is exactly why every CleanTech start-up company should consider using a .Earth domain.

As we have highlighted before, the .Earth domain helps companies to build stronger sustainability-focused brands. Here are seven more reasons why you should use a .Earth domain from the Ways 2 Go Green blog.

From a higher-level perspective, the .Earth domain creates a unique place that unites like minds – whether it be brands or individuals – and allows them to promote their passions, causes, businesses, brands or stories for the overall betterment of life for all.

This special domain is all about uniting and establishing cooperative relationships between individuals and organizations that wish to show their support for making Earth a better place.

This overall mission for the .Earth domain clearly matches the overall vision of how the CleanTech sector can transform our works for the better!

Are you launching a new CleanTech company or fund? Now’s the time to consider joining the growing .Earth domain tribe, and join today’s critical fight against climate change.

To learn more about the .Earth domain, visit Voices.Earth. In addition, many organizations and individuals are sharing their voices about the benefits of a .Earth domain in our Voices.Earth podcast series.








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