The power of exceptional art, inspirational film and video content can transform the world for the better. By opening people’s hearts, it is possible to create change for the positive – especially important now, when we are living in a time of divisiveness and polarity.

This is the key mission behind FORGOOD.Earth, which aims to provoke conversation, promote passion, and bring the world closer together for a more civil and respectable discourse on challenging issues. The production company’s key projects include award-winning films such as The Hunting Ground, Harry & the Snowman, and Mully.

Paul and his team decided to use a .Earth domain name because it represents his production company’s mission all over the planet.

“We are doing this project to help make a difference in the world, and of course we want to do it all over the Earth,” said Blavin. “Our belief is that we are all one, and we want to bring people together.”

Here are some key highlights from the podcast interview:

  • Insights about FORGOOD.Earth’s overall mission. (:32)
  • Why FORGOOD.Earth’s mission is vital today. (1:44)
  • Background on FORGOOD.Earth’s key projects. (3:41)
  • Why Paul and his team decided to use a .Earth domain name. (7:09)
  • What the future holds for FORGOOD.Earth. (8:04)

To learn more about FORGOOD.Earth, please click here. If you are feeling inspired by Paul’s efforts, and would like to secure your own .Earth domain, for your organization, please click here.