Empower Project Embraces .Earth Domain Name for ‘Conscious E-Commerce’ Engine


As a “conscious e-commerce” platform, the Empower Project Marketplace connects skilled artisans in developing countries with the global marketplace. The site offers ethical jewelry and sustainable fashion with the aim of helping to alleviate poverty through the empowerment of the individual artisans and small- to medium-size enterprises.

The Empower Project chose to use a .Earth domain name because it helps to showcase how this e-commerce platform is aligned with tackling social problems and saving the planet.

“The .Earth domain is a great way to show where your allegiances as an organization lay. For us, this is very much devoted to our home planet, Earth,” said Fung in the podcast interview. “The purchase choices of our consumers not only impact the artisans and their communities, but also actually helps the planet.”

Here are some key highlights of this podcast interview:

  • How the Empower Project is devoted to fighting poverty around the world. (:20)
  • Insights into how the Empower Project idea came about and where it is today. (1:35)
  • How a .Earth domain helps support the overall Empower Project brand. (2:29)
  • What the future holds for the Empower Project. (3:36)

For more information, please check out EmpowerProject.Earth here.

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