GreenCityLiving.Earth Transforming How We Use Plastic Bags and Paper Products


We are living in an era where being a normal consumer has dire consequences for the environment. From using plastic sandwich bags to the wide-range of paper products on a daily basis, everything that we throw away doesn’t magically disappear – ultimately becoming plastic islands in our oceans.

Kathy Rohret is a visionary entrepreneur who sees a future where we all can “leave the world unchanged.” She’s taking this concept to the next level with GreenCityLiving.Earth, a pioneering provider of eco-alternatives to plastic lunch baggies, mop covers, coffee filters, reusable bread bags, and much more.

After Kathy started the company in 2012, her original website did not have the built-in e-commerce security that today’s customers expect. As such, she shifted over to a .Earth domain name, and it also helps to reinforce her overall brand.

“I was really excited to see .Earth as an option,” said Rohret. “It perfectly represents our business, and it helps to clarify what we are all about – especially since ‘green’ branding tends to lean more towards marijuana.”

Here are some key highlights from this podcast:

  • The history and vision behind GreenCityLiving.Earth. (:22)
  • How we all need to embrace the philosophy of “leaving the world unchanged.” (3:35)
  • Why Kathy decided to shift to using a .Earth domain name. (7:13)
  • What the future holds for GreenCityLiving.Earth. (8:28)

To learn more about GreenCityLiving.Earth, please click here. If your organization also wants to enhance its efforts to “leave the world unchanged,” please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain name.


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