VOPO.Earth Leading Global Change by Connecting Communities with the Environment


In order to drive true change for our planet, we need to enhance the quality of the environment, as well as the social standards for everyone. To achieve this, we need the most eco-forward entrepreneurs and visionaries to connect the community to a larger environmental purpose.

For Charlotte Rose Mellis (pictured), this is a mission she fully embraces with her sustainable design agency called Vox Populi (VOPO.Earth). With a team of consultants, industrial engineers, environmental scientists to behaviorists, Mellis drives many special branding efforts and global expeditions that increase the environmental and social standards across many industries.

In addition, Mellis is a true advocate for the use of .Earth domain names.

“We love it! We were so happy to use .Earth, and we think it’s awesome,” said Mellis. “Coming from a passion for branding, I wanted something unique and wasn’t just the norm. The way we run VOPO is all about Mother Nature and the Earth – it represents us amazingly.”

Here are some other key highlights from this podcast interview:

  • The idea and mission behind Mellis. (:27)
  • Insights into recent VOPO expeditions and their outcomes. (2:33)
  • Why Mellis has such a deep passion for the environment. (6:20)
  • Why Mellis and her team love the .Earth domain name. (8:40)

To learn more about VOPO.Earth, please click here, and check out the agency’s Instagram feed (Amor.Earth) here. If your organization is inspired by Mellis’ incredible efforts, please click here to secure your very own .Earth domain name.


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