Treeware.Earth Creates New Category of Software Distribution for Reforestation


As the climate crisis becomes increasingly alarming, we are seeing new uses of technology and innovation that address the most pressing environmental issues.

For example, in the software arena, it is now possible to contribute to reforestation efforts by buying a tree as a “condition of use” to use an open-source package. This new category is called “Treeware,” and it was created by open-source software developer James Mills.

Treeware.Earth is currently partnering with Ecologi (formerly Offset.Earth) for its tree-planting efforts, as well as to fund other climate crisis solutions for the Earth. In February, we published a Voices.Earth podcast interview with Eliot Coad, a Director at Ecologi, where he described his organization’s consumer subscription model, which has resulted in the planting of two million mangroves in Madagascar

James chose to use a .Earth domain because it enhanced his effort to further brand Treeware, and support his vision of developing software to give back to our planet.

“It was very convenient, and it fit exactly with what I wanted do,” said James. “I like what was being done with Protect.Earth, and found that it was great for our brand too.”

Following are highlights from our interview:

  • High-level overview of the concept behind Treeware, and how the idea came about. (:42)
  • How Treeware’s software distribution model works. (4:27)
  • About Treeware’s partnership with Ecologi. (6:13)
  • Why Treeware chose to use a .Earth domain. (9:10)
  • What the future holds for Treeware. (10:12)

To learn more about Treeware.Earth, please click here. In addition, if you are developing new ways to use technology to help the environment, and would like to use a .Earth domain name, please click here.



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